Open Science and Access to Medical Research

Jalees Rehman, MD
Open Science and Access to Medical Research is an invited guest blog on the website of Scientific American and written by By Jalees Rehman on April 24, 2012. Jalees Rehman, MD is a German scientist and physician. He is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a member of the University of Illinois Cancer Center. He concludes that: “t the time for open science and networked discovery has arrived and that it will definitely enhance the progress of scientific research, as long as we build institutions that help us process and understand the flood of scientific data that will be released in the new open science world.”

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NYT article: Trust Acts to Open Research Findings to the Public

Published: April 16, 2012

The trend toward open access scientific publishing gained strength last week when the Wellcome Trust, the second-largest nongovernmental funder of scientific research in the world, said it was considering sanctions against scientists who do not make the results of their research freely available to the public.
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