Open Science and Access to Medical Research

Jalees Rehman, MD
Open Science and Access to Medical Research is an invited guest blog on the website of Scientific American and written by By Jalees Rehman on April 24, 2012. Jalees Rehman, MD is a German scientist and physician. He is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and a member of the University of Illinois Cancer Center. He concludes that: “t the time for open science and networked discovery has arrived and that it will definitely enhance the progress of scientific research, as long as we build institutions that help us process and understand the flood of scientific data that will be released in the new open science world.”

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Fourteenth International Conference on Grey Literature, National Research Council , Rome, Italy

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“Tracking Innovation through Grey Literature”

Innovation is a process manifested in and through grey literature. Both have their origins in knowledge generation and both demonstrate value for government, academics, business and industry through their uses and applications. In a way, innovation and grey literature are two sides of the same coinage. Innovation is the catalyst for positive change and grey literature is the measure of benchmarks in the further process of research and development. Innovation and grey literature share parallel life cycles in which early growth is relatively slow until their use and application become recognized both within and later beyond their community of origin.

Expected top-line growth and increased bottom-line results are achieved in part through new technologies, through redeployment and enhancement of existing products and services, which at times are unachieved. Nevertheless, the process shared by innovation and grey literature carries on. The goal of the Fourteenth International Conference on Grey Literature seeks to track the process of innovation by tracing the research life cycle and observing its convergence in the field of grey literature.

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BioMed Central’s Open Repository partners with Oxfam

On Wednesday Oxfam, a global movement of people working with others to overcome poverty and suffering, adopted Open Repository’s enhanced DSpace hosted solution.

Oxfam Policy & Practice is a new resource for the humanitarian and development community. Their website provides an insight into Oxfam’s development and humanitarian policy, practice, and research.

When Oxfam began the project, they realized there was no single, secure deposit location for their digital assets on poverty and suffering worldwide. Hence, they decided to implement a repository that could store their digital assets in multiple formats, have simple search and deposit functions to suit users with no background in repository use, and therefore enable Oxfam to showcase their large and ever evolving output of research, program learning and policy information to a global audience.

By partnering with BioMed Central’s Open Repository, the Oxfam iLibrary now has a repository where they can share their knowledge externally easily and quickly through the website. The publications section allows free access to over 3,000 advocacy, training, and research publications from Oxfam and its partners worldwide.

To learn more about why Oxfam chose a repository and how it was implemented, read their case study.

To see and search the new Oxfam website of resources, visit to the Oxfam Policy and Practice website.

Get Oxfam’s Microsoft Windows Phone app.

BioMed Central’s new website makes access to science easier for all

Open access to the latest research became even easier this week with the launch of BioMed Central’s newly redesigned website ( The company, which pioneered the open access model and now publishes over 220 open access journals, has introduced a streamlined design and new look which makes the high-traffic website site much more straightforward to navigate. The redesigned site also introduces a range of new and enhanced features.

Check it out at : BioMed Central’s new website: