A new Chair, as part of the UNESCO Chairs Programme has been created in our area of interest. The Chair is to be jointly directed by the University of Victoria and PRIA with Budd Hall and Rajesh Tandon named as the Co-Directors. This is the first such Chair to be created out of a partnership between a university and an NGO and between a Northern and Southern partner. While there are some formalities still to be worked out, work has begun to develop an action plan and identify additional partners.

For more information see http://ring.uvic.ca/news/public-administration-home-new-unesco-chair

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GACER web: http://communityresearchcanada.ca/?action=alliance

GACER/UNESCO CHAIR PLANNING TO MEET MAY 9, 2012 in partnership with the International Living Knowledge Network 5th International Conference (May 10-12) in Bonn, Germany hosted by the Bonn Science Shop-please let Budd know if you will attend

Living Knowledge Registration: http://www.livingknowledge.org/livingknowledge/science-shops/conference-registration


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