UCEC 2012

The University-Community Engagement Conference 2012 takes place from 9-12 January in Chiang Mai, Thailand. From their website:

Universities in the 21st century are at an important crossroad. With a projected student population of 200 million by 2030, universities do have the potential of making a difference to local and global concerns. While universities have to produce graduates who have skills to operate effectively in a globally competitive environment, it is also widely recognized that its fundamental challenge is to provide an ethical knowledge base responsive to societal needs, and contribute to the common wealth (not just financial or economic wealth) and well-being of its entire people. Indeed the complexities of our unsustainable societies can present new opportunities (as well as challenges) for universities to reclaim their relevance and responsibility to society.


To deepen critical discourse on empowerment role of universities and their knowledge creation practice;
To explore methods, strategies and experiences used in mutual social engagement and partnership among different sectors;
To strengthen the capacity of universities in the process of social reform for social justice and sustainable development;
To enhance networking, and the sharing of experiences among educators, communities as well as social development practitioners and to show best-practice cases of university-community engagement of various types.

The keynote speaker will be The Venerable Dhammanandha Bhikuni.

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