Lancet gets it!

If you have ever wondered about the case for Open Data… just read this article that appeared in the comment section of the Lancet …

Science as a public enterprise; the case for open data. By: Boulton, Geoffrey; Rawlins, Michael; Vallance, Patrick; Walport, Mark. Lancet, 5/14/2011, Vol. 377 Issue 9778, p1633-1635, 3p

“The past half-century has seen a breathtaking surge in scientific discovery. We have put satellites into orbit and probed the universe; we have discovered the chemical structure of living organisms and learned to manipulate it; we have been able to read the Earth’s history in minute detail from ice-sheet and ocean cores; and we have improved human and animal health through increasingly large epidemiological studies and clinical trials. All of these achievements have necessitated new ways of collecting, storing, manipulating, and transmitting information that far surpass anything previously dreamed of. ….

Got access? Read it here.

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