Why Students in Cuba Need Open Access….

On May 23, 2011, Graham Sowa, a third year student in the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) wrote an argument for the opening of the internet in Cuba. The article published in the Havana Times, defends access as a necessity for students. Part of his arguments includes the availability of Open Access journals and access to research databases and articles.

“Open access academic journals”, he writes, “are gaining popularity. The Public Library of Science allows full and free access to their peer reviewed publications. The Database of Open Access Journals keeps a running index of all journals that allow open access to anyone from anywhere.”

“Some newer journals, such as Health and Human Rights have taken it upon themselves to publish a free online peer reviewed journal. In addition to journal articles there are numberless podcasts, youtube videos, websites, blogs, and online forums open to anyone with the means and will to learn.”

“These are models for how academia should participate in the 21st century. Students in Cuba should no longer be delayed the privilege.”

Read the article here.

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