Learning to share: mandates and open access

If you can get access to it, I like to recommend reading a particular research article published in the latest issue of Library Management (not an Open Access Journal!!).

Mary Anne Kennan a Senior Lecturer in the School of Information Studies at CSU, has written an excellent article titled, ” Learning to share: mandates and open access”.

Mary Anne Kennan, (2011) “Learning to share: mandates and open access”, Library Management, Vol. 32 Iss: 4/5, pp.302 – 318

The abstract reads:

Online open access (OA) to research publications comes to scholarship as a vision that makes sense and is congruent with the aims of science and scholarship. It is argued that research, often funded out of the public purse, should be a public good. Given its visionary characteristics and its congruence with the aims of scholarship, the purpose of this paper is to examine why OA is not practiced by all researchers, all the time, or more encouraged by library managers.

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