Publish what you find….

Information needs to be timely, accessible, comparable and comprehensive.

Aid is a precious resource, but to get the most out of it we need more and better aid information. Working with organisations from around the world, “Publish what you find” calls on donors to publish what they fund.

Focused as the Global Campaign for Aid Transparency, the Publish What You Fund, group has four guiding principles:

  1. Information on aid should be published proactively – a donor agency or organisation should tell people what they are doing, for whom, when, and how.
  2. Information on aid should be comprehensive, timely, accessible and comparable – the information should be provided in a format that is useful and meaningful.
  3. Everyone can request and receive information on aid processes – ensure everyone is able to access the information as and when they wish.
  4. The right of access to information about aid should be promoted – donor organisation should actively promote this right.

  5. In collaboration with freedom of information, governance integrity and aid effectiveness organisations, these principles were designed to be applied by all public and private bodies engaged in the funding and delivery of aid, including donors, NGOs and contractors.

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