Demanding taxpayer access to taxpayer-funded research

Between May 10 and July 13, more than 2000 Canadian individuals and organizations registered to share their ideas and submissions. Canadian Open Access advocates Heather Morrison, and others, participated in public consultation period about Canada’s digital l economy by posting a letter on the government website. The executive summary reads:

“We recommend that Canada develop a policy requiring open access to federally funded Canadian scholarship,
i.e. research funded by the research granting councils CIHR, SSHRC, NSERC, and NRC. This policy would ensure taxpayer access to taxpayer-funded research, maximum impact of taxpayer-funded research, bring Canadian policy into line with international policy developments, and appropriately secure a place for Canada as a leader in this area. Please note that this is an update of an earlier submission, reflecting additional signatures. ”

Go to the page and read the letter here.

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