What can open access do for academic authors and society?

On Oct. 20, 2009, during OPEN ACCESS WEEK at the University of Western Ontario, two panelists (Professor Joaquin Madrenas, Head of Immunology, Robarts Research Institute and Professor Ajit Pyati,,Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information and Media Studies) discussed the benefits of open access from the perspectives of scholar/researcher and international development. The third panelist (Professor Mark Perry, Associate Professor of Law) spoke on what academic authors need to do in order to reap those benefits. The moderator (Joyce Garnett, University Librarian at the University of Western Ontario) facilitated a discussion between the panelists and the audience after the three presentations. The presentation is available on Youtube.

Adrien Ho, former McGill GSLIS classmate and study buddy, was an organizer of this event. He currently works as the Scholarly Communication Librarian at the Western Libraries of the University of Western Ontario.

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