Dutch universities go OPEN ACCESS

Guus Roeselers announced on his blog today that Dutch universities gave a further boost to open up access to the results of scientific/scholarly and practice-based research. The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VNSU) The represents the shared interests of the fourteen research universities in the Netherlands in the fields of research, education, knowledge transfer, funding, personnel policy and international affairs. They announced an agreement with The Berlin-based Springer Group, the world’s second-largest science publisher, that all articles which are published by Dutch university researchers are made publicly accessible.

In his words, “These are remarkable steps indeed because the rules of the “open access game” are changing a bit. In this model authors will be able to publish open access without paying those pesky page charges (not a trivial amount of money…). I imagine that in this model the universities will probably pay big time. In order to fully bypass the traditional publishers one would have to transfer funds destined to pay for journal subscriptions into “publication funds” and have scientists pay for their own open access publications. Having a limited publication fund sounds horrible but on a bright side it might counter the wide spread “least publishable unit” (LPU) syndrome.”

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