Journal of Cleaner Production

Journal of Cleaner ProductionIn democratic societies, it is increasingly argued that science-society relationships should be based on establishing and institutionalizing mutual dialogues, making public concerns not only visible but the public as equal partner. We are seeing a trend in higher education for sustainable development and a realization that efforts for sustainable development require collaboration on a regional level.

Volume 17, Issue 12, Pages 1053-1162 (August 2009) of the Journal of Cleaner Production devotes the enire issue to the roles of academia in regional sustainability initiatives. International in scope, the 11 articles make recommendations for ways in which academia may help their regions to make more rapid progress toward sustainable development via involvement of their faculty, students and staff.

A truly sustainable university functions not only as a sustainable community, embodying responsible consumption of energy, water, and food. It also supports sustainable development in its local community and region. As such its academic libraries need to embrace and make a concerted and strategic effort to have available library services and research resources that are available and accessible to their local communities.

The Journal of Cleaner Production is available full text online for UG faculty, students, and staff via the Library website

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