The Blind spot of the University … Otto Scharmer calls for the global action research university

Otto ScharmerFour fundamental facts that need to be addressed in innovative ways according to Otto Scharmer:
(a) Poverty: some 40% of people worldwide survive on less than $2 a day.
(b) Underconsumption: we produce much more than we can sell.
(c) Unemployment: billions are unemployed, and dozens or hundreds of millions join that pool every year.
(d) The commons: there is an enormous amount of work to do in all of our communities and in preserving the commons, but we can’t find people to do it.

In his latest publication, The Blind Spot of Economic Thought: Seven Acupuncture Points for Shifting to Capitalism 3.0, Scharmer appeals Universities to transform themselves by seeking deep cross-discipline and cross-sector engagements.

Universities need to change… but how the academic library?

This is worth a read..

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