Overheard between faculty

Peer Review Monster
Peer Review Monster
“I do not want to publish in peer-reviewed journals anymore. I want to publish in places where people in the community will benefit most from my research. I wish that the Tenure and Promotion committee saw that this kind of communication has greater value.”

When I heard this expressed, I saw nods of agreement by other faculty members. It looked as though everyone in the room was agreeing and frustrated by the value trappings of T&P.

For myself, it was the first time I had heard rumblings from faculty like this. Many faculty it seems are oriented to community and social justice. They want to be rewarded when they do research that directly empowers community and improves peoples lives. Faculty, it would appear, are frustrated by the cost of “locking” up their work in the current trappings of the peer reviewed system….

It looks to me that many faculty are ready to embrace open-access publishing and scholarly communication… If we can only get the word out that libraries can support them…

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