Building a Research Shop: A Community-Campus Dialogue

Thanks to an invite from Linda Hawkins, the director of the Initiative on Community Engaged Scholarship, I am spending the day at a special event, called “Building a Research Shop: A Community-Campus Dialogue.” Some of the topics on the full day agenda include: Research Shop Dialogue

1) What might be the most significant facilitators of greater community-university research partnerships in our region?
2) How could the university be more of a resource or asset to the community?
3) How can the community be more of an asset to the university?

We are all asked to come with a story about our own experiences with community university research partnerships, or another type of community university partnership. Members from the University and from the community will be in attendance.

I feel blessed that I happened upon Linda and ICES right at the start of my leave time and at the start of my community/academic library connections conversations. What timing!

I am really looking forward to the day and to the discussion.

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